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You are more than your pain,
more than your symptoms,
more than your disease.
You are an amazingly complex and unique Human.

That’s exactly how  Dr. Anya Temer and her team at Total Holistic Center care for every client who connects to us.

Dr. Temer is a leading expert on wellness and a pioneer in the effective use of medical marijuana, who believes in treating the whole person and in empowering patients to be advocates of their own health.

In Holistic Medicine, the focus is not only on individual issues and symptoms, instead all nutritional, emotional, physical, and lifestyle influences are considered.

Total Holistic Center attempts to restore balance and health to our patient by looking at each of these areas, not just symptoms or the parts of the body where they appear.

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment of joint and tissue injuries.

Regenerative medicine is based on the idea that exogenous stem cells can activate the body’s repair response to regenerate diseased or dysfunctional tissue.

Previously only available to athletes and superstars, it is now an option for you!

Your health is largely impacted by the nutrients made available to you through your diet. Without proper nutrition, your body will struggle to build new cells, and could suffer from food-related inflammation, which can cause many health issues.

Nutritional science focuses on how behaviors or social factors can influence food choices, as well as health issues related to food, eating, and medicine.

Medical Marijuana, or Cannabis, can supplement the natural cannabinoids regulated by the body’s own Endocannabinoid system.

Insufficient cannabinoid levels are thought to influence or cause a variety of medical conditions. Endocannabinoid receptors are found all over the body, most notably: in the central nervous system, the gut, bones, and immune system.

wellness Expert

True well-being is a combination of body, mind and lifestyle.

At Total Holistic Center, we believe that caring for people means caring for their whole self;
mind, body, and soul.

We develop a holistic health plan for our clients. We focus on each client as an individual, with their own unique needs, and craft a health plan that places emphasis on physical, psychological, social, preventative, and therapeutic factors.

We believe that health is a personal matter. We offer our clients the resources, tools, knowledge and guidance to help them recover and find health and wellness.

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Dr Anya Temer Medical Director Of Total holistic Center

Helping People The Natural Way

"To create a healthy, happy, fulfilling life, we must seek to find the root cause or source of our ill-health or unhappiness and then take steps towards changing those causes from the inside out."

~ Dr. Anya Temer

Founder - Total Holistic Center

Wellness Expert

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