Are Toxins Making You Sick?

Some major toxins in our society are pesticides, chemicals, genetically modified foods, hormones, heavy metals, and antibiotics.

In this video, Dr. Anya discusses the second pillar of chronic inflammation and illness: Toxicity. See more of this series by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

What Are Toxins And Where Do They Come From?

Our body perceives anything that is “unprocessable” or “foreign” as toxic. Unfortunately in this day and age we are surrounded by these unprocessable, foreign substances: toxins are in air, water, food, everyday products such as cosmetics, cleaning supplies, our clothes, linens, and even carpets and furniture. All these toxic materials overwhelm our body, our immune system and our pathways of detoxication.

When our body spends most of its energy dealing with toxins, it has little energy and resources left to deal with healing us from our chronic issues. The good news is that when we decrease the amount of toxins in and around our body, and allow our body to use its energy and resources in the right way, healing happens quickly and emphatically.

Toxins are present in what we eat, what we drink, and even in the air we breathe.

How Can Total Holistic Center Help Correct Your Body’s High Toxicity Level?

First of all, we don’t guess; we test. We order comprehensive blood, urine and hair analysis to identify toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, or mold in your system. Then when we receive the lab analysis, we spend time evaluating that analysis and create individualized detox protocols for you. We’ll also provide you with in-depth nutritional consultation where we create an easy-to-follow meal plan that will help with detoxing and keeping toxin buildup in your body from happening again in the future.

Here’s what Dr. Anya says about better health through toxin removal:

“One of my favorite tests is the test for mold toxicity. It’s one of the least diagnosed issues that causes a lot of common chronic problems. It is more prevalent in places with high humidity (such as Florida) and it causes a lot of issues for people. It’s rewarding to watch people get better quickly once we figure out there is mold toxicity and put them on detox protocol.”

“Also, do you know that even healthy food could become “a toxin” for your individual body? There is such a thing as leaky gut syndrome, which basically means that your digestive system is highly inflamed and our body becomes very sensitive to certain foods, even if they are considered healthy. When I test my patients for food sensitivities, I find that some of the healthiest foods are sometimes a problem. I’ve seen sensitivity to spinach, kale, tomatoes, and cauliflower; dairy and gluten are the most prevalent and common.

“It’s rewarding to watch people get better quickly once we… put them on detox protocol”

-Dr. Anya

“It may surprise you that one of the most-found sensitivities is the sensitivity to vanilla! It’s an interesting one- when I was diagnosed with vanilla sensitivity and started paying attention to the foods I was eating, I realized how many processed foods have vanilla as one of the ingredients! It’s in everything! People also can have sensitivities to certain herbs and spices.”

“Food sensitivity testing comes in handy in discovering the root cause for eczema and other skin issues. It’s amazing to watch how such seemingly serious health issues can completely vanish or decrease dramatically once we take care of nutrition! The best example of it is little babies with eczema. When we do food sensitivities tests on my youngest patients, most turn out to be sensitive to dairy or some ingredient in formula or what their breastfeeding mother is eating, and once the offending factor is removed skin clears up like that! This is absolutely amazing!”

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