Don’t Want Knee Replacement Surgery? Then Do This Instead:

So you’ve been experiencing knee pain and the dreaded words “knee replacement surgery” have crossed your doctor’s lips as a potential option to solve this problem. Terrifying, right? Especially if you are one of the lucky people who’ve never undergone surgery before.

The Truth About Knee Replacement Surgery

The media- and even some medical professionals- talk about knee replacement surgery as if it’s a cure-all. If you’ve talked to enough people who have actually had the procedure, then you probably already know that this portrayal is not totally true. Knee replacement surgery will alter your immediate quality of life and involves risks as wide-ranging as infection, continued knee instability, pain, and rejection of the implant (see the Mayo Clinic’s article about knee replacement risks). In addition, knee replacements do wear out after enough use, so it’s important to remember that even the “permanent” solution may not actually be permanent. If you do go through with the surgery, you’ll need to plan on having your mobility limited by the use of a walker, crutches, or a cane after surgery and think about rehabilitation programs and home planning during your recovery period.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications and steroid or gel injections can provide some limited relief from the dreaded replacement. There are even some surgical options that have some success in temporarily staving off the full replacement. While knee surgery is a valid option to alleviate some severe knee issues, here at Total Holistic Center, we want surgery and synthetic medications to be the last on your list of alternatives to try. Let’s discuss some less invasive ways to relieve chronic knee pain:

Knee Replacement Alternatives

We’ve previously talked about some ways to manage chronic pain such as acupuncture, natural herbs and supplements, and therapeutic massage. Today, we’ll zero in on some other methods that could work well for you.

When most people talk about chronic pain- especially in their knees- the first suggestions tend to be “Exercise” and “Weight Loss”. While it might seem almost too simple to be true, experts believe that people who are more at risk for joint damage (such as those who are obese or generally overweight), should incorporate regular exercise into their routines, as it could result in weight loss & pain reduction. Exercise can also help to slow joint damage and incorporating strengthening exercises- like those used in Physical Therapy- can also help to strengthen key muscles in your knees and further assist in slowing that damage and reducing pain. In addition, reducing inflammation by altering diet and lifestyle habits can also help reduce some chronic pain issues.

Regenerative Medicine: The Non-Surgical Treatment of The Future Is Already Here

Regenerative therapy is another option that we offer at Total Holistic Center. Regenerative medicine is injection-based, non-invasive, and non-surgical and is based on the idea that the body has the ability to produce new cells to replace damaged ones. Studies show that regenerative medicine, and more specifically Wharton’s Jelly, can help with orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, localized pain, and more.

Wharton’s Jelly teaches other cells how to self-repair and regenerate damaged tissue, and contains hyaluronic acid which is thought to help lubricate the knee joint and may help improve shock absorption, reduce pain, and improve knee mobility.

Let’s Talk About Fixing Your Knees

The team at THC believes in integrative therapy and creates programs tailored specifically to your needs. We start with an in-depth evaluation of your life, health conditions, and medical history and then use that information, in addition to your goals, to craft a program that is specifically designed to not just treat but fix your issues. There’s nothing to lose- your initial consultation with one of our experts is FREE. Give us a call at 561-323-4994 or click the button below to get started on your journey today! Consultations are available in our Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and Miami Beach offices or virtually.

Picture by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay