Here’s How Jeff Bezos’ Sleep Habits Reveal A Major Key To Success

By now, you’ve probably heard that while at the helm of Amazon, recently retired Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos slept for 8 hours a night. Of course, this is a far cry from the stereotype of the obsessively productive corporate founder that we tend to lionize here in the U.S.

When asked why he chooses to get a full night’s sleep instead of taking an extra few hours to work, here’s what Bezos had to say:

“So let’s go crazy and say I slept four hours a day. I’d get four so-called productive hours back. So before I had, say, 12 hours of productive time during any waking day, now all of a sudden I have 12 plus four — I have 16 productive hours.”

“But is that really worth it if the quality of those decisions might be lower because you’re tired or grouchy or any number of things? Probably not.”

Some might argue that Bezos could certainly afford to sleep for 8 hours a day (it’s sure that he can now that he’s retired). After all, Bezos had an army of assistants, analysts, cash reserves larger than most countries’, and a talented board to help him do his job. You, on the other hand, may not have these assets at hand. However, you do have the asset of good sleep at your disposal, and there is something you may be able to learn from Bezos’ example.

The Value of Sleep and Nutrition

Proper sleep, like good nutrition and proper hydration, is one of the major cornerstones of getting the most out of life. It’s clear that Bezos paid attention to these factors. Bezos famously underwent a major physical transformation in his latter years at Amazon after changing his diet and exercise habits. So it’s likely the sleep decision was a conscious decision as well.

It’s well known in health circles that a good night’s sleep is possibly the most underrated part of a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of a good night’s sleep include:

Most people would take just one of these benefits in their professional lives, much less all five of them.

How Do I Get Proper Sleep?

For some of us, the problem isn’t the amount of time available to sleep. The primary problem is that we can’t sleep through the night. We sleep for a few hours, wake up, then can’t really get back to deep, proper sleep again.

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