How Can I Improve My Immune System Naturally?

If you’ve been anywhere on planet earth in the last year and a half, then you know that there are obvious reasons why you should consider strengthening your immune system. With all of the craziness going on, It’s almost easy to forget that the winter season is coming, and with that comes the flu and colds, even in a place with temperate climates such as those here in Boca Raton If you are someone who travels often, works with kids, or with large groups of people, or just generally doesn’t like being sick, then it’s a great idea to invest in your immune support. 

Naturally speaking, our immune systems do an outstanding job of defending our bodies. Unless you live, work, shop, and eat in completely sanitized conditions, it’s likely that you come in contact with an estimated 60,000 germs on a daily basis (for most people, only about 1-2% of them are potentially harmful).  However, we are often architects of our own downfall when it comes to our immune systems. Dehydration, not sleeping properly, long-term stress, not eating the right foods, and vitamin deficiencies (even in South Florida, the amount of vitamin D deficiency we see is shocking) all contribute to sickness.

IVs For Immunity Support

IV treatments work by delivering hydration, vitamins, and minerals directly to the bloodstream. The Hollywood set has been using IV treatments for years for everything from anti-aging to hangovers to dehydration. It’s an open secret that some stars have been known to host “IV afterparties” where IVs are offered the day after a major party or outing (For the record, in-home IV appointments are available through Total Holistic Center as well).

IV treatments have been knocked by the media in some cases as being only slightly effective or as a waste of money. Contrary to those reports, in the early days of COVID-19 in the United States, a report was published by the National Institutes of Health (the U.S. government’s top health research organization) that showed that IV treatment significantly reduced the COVID mortality rate (read the report here). In addition, the same study found that IV treatment was shown to decrease oxidative stress (a key factor in infection), reduce viral infection risk, and even reduce the risk of lung injury for patients on ventilators. 

Immune Support Through Analysis

We hear it all the time: diet and exercise are vital for a good life. Did you know that even if you’re eating the “right” foods, your body may respond to them negatively? As our own Dr. Anya pointed out here, common healthy foods such as spinach and celery can cause inflammation in certain people’s bodies, which leads to an increased vulnerability to sickness.

In addition, in a humid climate such as Florida, mold and fungal spores can be a leading factor in immune system breakdowns. Mold is far more prevalent than we think because it can’t always be seen. 

So what is one to do? We recommend our full range of analysis and testing. Our tests go far beyond what bloodwork would show. Instead, they test for sensitivity to hundreds of the most common foods, as well as various environmental elements. They’ll help you understand whether or not your “green juice” is making you sick.

This is the Total Holistic Center way: we like to learn as much as we can about our clients before suggesting plans of action for them. Typically we administer the tests prior to suggesting a holistically-based plan of action for our clients’ health issues, but they are available by themselves. Get in touch with us to learn more.