Total Wellness Plan Options

At Total Holistic Center we know that you are a human!
Making changes in any area of your life, especially your health can be hard work. You may have had experiences of starting out all excited and then falling off the wagon, so you are hesitant and unsure if you can really pull this off this time. We hear you! It’s a valid concern.
We don’t just dig deep to find out the root cause of your health issue and guide you to what changes need to be made, we also make it easier by including scientifically proven mindset tools that lead to lasting change into your health plan. No more yo-yo diets, beating yourself up and feeling like a failure. We focus on creating a series of wins to remind you how capable and powerful you really are. We help you get back into the driver’s seat of your health and life.

Meet with our doctor

In person or virtually we will go over your entire medical history, current medications and lifestyle, and most importantly your health goals.

Comprehensive lab testing

We will dig deeper into the underlying root causes of your health issues by specialized lab testing that analyzes your body in a way that gives us all the missing pieces

Tracking results

Most importantly we are here to make sure you get to your wellness goals. We make sure to consistently track your symptoms and results to see where we need to tweak our protocols and give you better guidance.

360 degree Wellness plan

Customized step by step guide that addresses your diet, exercise, mindset, environment, lifestyle and supplements; individually created for you by our team based on your biometric test results, lifestyle and symptoms.

Health coaching

Starting a health program is not problem, sticking to the necessary changes is where the rubber meats the road. We guide you through scientifically proven mindset hacks and tricks to easily incorporate these health changes into your daily life and create powerful life-changing and consistent habits. 

the wellness plan for your life

Wether you want to just give it a try and put your toe in the water for a few months, or you are so tired of your current situation that you are now truly ready to change your wellness and your lifestyle by diving in and never looking back, the whole team is here for you. 

Billed Once

12 months


18 months

Frequently asked questions

Not at this time. We consider ourselves your holistic wellness consultant. We work in conjunction with your current healthcare team of primary and specialist physicians and fill the possible missing puzzle pieces in your health journey as well as focus on the healing the underlying root causes.
At this time our health plans and consultations are not covered with insurance. Our holistic health model is not yet considered mainstream and insurances do not cover that. Some of your comprehensive lab testing could be partially covered by some commercial health insurance plans, but most unfortunately are not. We can provide you a superbly to submit to your provider as out-of-network service. You can use FHA/FSA account to pay for our services and lab testing.
In person or virtual doctor visits, individual or group coaching visits, online billing and scheduling. Unlimited phone or email support by our amazing staff. 360 degree health plan which is a customized step by step guide for diet, exercise, mindset, environment, lifestyle, supplements individually created for you by our team based on your test results, discounts on supplements and vitamin injections, intravenous infusions, discounts to all our virtual and local events, access to exclusive offers from our wellness partners – our favorite wellness products and services.
For your convenience we provide both in person and virtual appointments (over phone or video) so your physical location is not an obstacle to working with us. Even if you live close to one of our offices you can choose to have a virtual consultation with one of our doctors or health coaches.
All of our services are non-refundable. You can exchange the value for any of our other products or services. Any unopened supplements can be returned for a full refund within 24 hours. Please send any supplement refund requests within 24 hours to
At this time we do not function as a primary care facility and highly encourage you to keep your primary care and team of specialists. We do not treat acute and urgent health matters, only chronic issues. We encourage you to keep your health insurance plan for such matters. Total Holistic Center membership cannot be used for health insurance tax requirement.
We have a team of medical doctors who are certified in medical marijuana in multiple states. If you live in a state where Medical Marijuana program is in affect we will be able to include this service into your membership. Some states require in- person visits to get evaluated for the medical marijuana card. If you are interested in medical marijuana services please email us at


"I noticed a big change in my health in just 6 months. I am grateful to trust my health to this team."
"Throughout my life I have battled with multiple illnesses and diseases. As a Veteran, I've had adequate care over the years using the VA Health Care system, but now with Total Holistic Center, I have found that a good portion of my life has been restored."
USAF Retired
"Before I found total Holistic Center, I was very dependent on narcotics for managing my illnesses. After seeing Dr. Anya, armed with a Holistic approach, I am sleeping much better and am able to do things I could not do before - like taking a bike ride to the beach! I am so much happier now. My life is better than I ever could have imagined."
"In less than a year I went from being completely miserable pretty much daily with constant headaches and belly ache and unable to function or go to work, to now being fully functional, improved relationship with my family and starting a new job next week. Thank you to Total Holistic Center team."
Autoimmune Symptoms
improvement 78%
Medication Use
Decrease 92%
Anxiety Symptoms
improvement 79%
Skin Symptoms
improvement 86%
Blood Sugar
improvement 92%
Lack of Energy
Improvement 89%
Arthritis symptoms
Improvement 86%
Overall feeling of wellbeing clients 55+
Improvement 93%
Mood, Depression symptoms
Improvement 96%
Digestive Symptoms
Improvement 94%
Improvement 85%
Neurologic Symptoms
Improvement 66%
Weight Loss When Following Plan
Body Fat reduction 89%
Improvement 98%
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