Wharton’s Jelly: The Anti-Aging Treatment of the Future Is Already Here

The future of anti-aging and regenerative therapy is already here, and it’s available locally through Total Holistic Center. Learn how Wharton’s Jelly- today’s modern and ethical approach to regenerative cellular treatment- can change your life.

Cellular therapy and its regenerative potential have been the talk of the town for years now, but do you know exactly where these treatments come from and what benefits they offer?

Dr. Anya Temer D.O. and her team at Total Holistic Center provide Wharton’s Jelly injections to help with a wide range of chronic and acute ailments. Let’s dig deeper and learn what cellular regenerative therapy is before discussing the benefits these treatments and Wharton’s jelly provides.

What Is Cellular Regenerative Therapy?

When we are conceived, we begin as a group of undifferentiated stem cells. Undifferentiated stem cells are the foundational cells which then develop into cells with specific functions. These functional cells are known in biology as differentiated cells; some examples of differentiated stem cells are brain cells, blood cells and heart muscle cells.

Differentiated cells are not able to regenerate new cell types the way stem cells do. The more undifferentiated stem cells our body has, the easier it is to regenerate or heal all our body parts from within. As the amount of stored stem cells gets lower with age, it becomes harder to heal and keep our bodies optimized and vibrant.

Types of Regenerative Cells.

There are various types of regenerative cells. Each of them serve different functions.

The most common types are:

  1. Embryonic Stem Cells 

As the name suggests, these stem cells originate from embryos. They are the building blocks of life and are illegal to harvest. These cells are what builds our organs and systems as we develop within our mother’s womb soon after fertilization. 

  1. Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are found in smaller numbers within our bodies as we age.  These undifferentiated cells are highly concentrated within the adult bone marrow and go to work as needed throughout our lives.

They are very helpful in fixing and replacing injured cells and dead tissue. This is how we heal our cuts, scrapes, and everything else from within.

  1. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

They are generally made from undifferentiated adult stem cells. Induced pluripotent cells are quite useful in understanding the causes of various diseases. Inducing stem cell growth outside of clinical settings is not allowed by the FDA.

  1. Perinatal Stem Cells. 

Perinatal stem cells are derived from donated amniotic fluid, placenta or umbilical cord of full-term, healthy babies. These are undifferentiated cells that are commonly used today in thousands of outpatient procedures. 

What Is Wharton’s Jelly?

Wharton’s Jelly is the stem cell-rich gelatinous substance found within the umbilical chord. If there ever was a “magical” substance, Wharton’s Jelly is probably just that- research has shown that it may be able to be used to alleviate a variety of issues- from joint pain to cardiovascular issues and even muscular dystrophy. The most common use today, however, is in regenerative anti-aging applications such as treating joint pain.

How Does Wharton’s Jelly Therapy Work?

At Total Holistic Center, stem cell therapy begins with a simple consultation. During their consultation with Dr. Anya and the Team at Total Holistic Center, wellness clients discuss their issues and desired outcomes. The doctor then provides the client with a plan based on the clients’ individual needs, biometric parameters and lifestyle. Finally, Wharton’s Jelly is injected directly into joints or muscles to signal the bodys’ own regenerative response to kick in. 

These simple 2-hour procedures are performed at many of the top clinics around the world and can be found locally at The Total Holistic Center.

How Can Wharton’s Jelly Injections From Total Holistic Center Help Change My Life?

Total Holistic Center’s integrative approach to therapy has the ability to change your life. There are a variety of ways this has helped clients, some examples are below:

Regenerative Medicine.

At Total Holistic Center, steroids, anti-inflammatory shots and more invasive surgical options are not offered. Instead, the ability of Wharton’s Jelly to signal your own bodys’ natural regenerative response is used instead. It is only recently that these options have been available to the public as people have been able to finance the costs of the procedures.

In some cases, patients suffering from diabetes, joint pain, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, spinal injuries, heart diseases, burns or cancer can benefit from stem cell therapy.

More research is being performed and new advancements are taking place in this field daily as major healthcare providers and research facilities- such as the Mayo Clinic- are beginning to implement stem cell-based options.

Orthopedic Conditions. 

Stem cell injections are the leading elective therapy option in the treatment of chronic orthopedic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint injuries. Once injected, the cells signal the body to use its own regenerative powers and promote the development of healthy new cells. This full-body response to help the affected area heal is aligned with all the other holistic options offered at Total Holistic Center. 

Help in Treatment of Heart Diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are the most prevalent cause of death worldwide. Heart Disease makes the heart deprived of oxygen and forms scar tissue, limiting blood flow. Stem cells may have the potential to treat this ailment in some cases as well. Total Holistic Center uses laboratory testing and nutritional and lifestyle changes to create a 360 protocol. This protocol is designed to work in conjunction with stem cell therapy to give your body the most optimal benefits.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases occur when the body’s immune system starts combating its own tissues, organs or cells. Some known and painful autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Stem cell therapy, along with detoxification and optimization of your overall being has shown to have positive results in some chronic cases of auto-immune disease. 


Wharton’s Jelly therapy has been available to stars and athletes for many years. This cutting-edge therapy is now available to Total Holistic Center clients at their conveniently located local offices in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties and in the comfort of your own home. All of the options provided to clients using Dr. Anya Temer’s 360 protocols (including stem cell therapy) provide a specialized, natural biometric approach that focuses on balancing the mind, body and lifestyle for lasting, not temporary, results.

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels