Holistic Wellness

Here’s Why Holistic Medicine Is A Better Choice For A Better Life

Holistic medicine doesn’t always get the best rap. After all, many people choose the holistic approach as a last resort. Many of our clients come to us after they have exhausted all their other options when it comes to chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and a variety of other long-term health conditions. Many of them have tried every medication in the book and have seen every doctor and specialist available. After working with Total Holistic Center, they leave feeling like a new person and asking themselves “why didn’t I try it this way in the first place?” So what exactly makes Total Holistic Center so different from other doctors, and why is holistic medicine a better choice for a better life?

The answer is simple- our medical system in the United States is built around a repetitive process: learn about symptoms, diagnose those symptoms, then find medication that can treat those symptoms. If those medications cause new symptoms, then rinse, wash, and repeat. One only has to observe the fact that many people begin taking medication for some issue at some point in their life, but are still sick as a dog years down the line! This seems to totally defy what the idea of “medicine” should be. This is not to speak totally ill of Western medicine; the American medical system, in particular, is outstanding at addressing trauma and emergency situations, which is why we recommend visiting a hospital for these types of situations.

Why Is Total Holistic Center’s Approach Different?

Total Holistic Center is the top choice for holistic medicine in Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Miami Beach, and New York for a reason. We work differently than the medical system, because instead of trying to find out “what medication can fix the symptom”, we try to find out “what caused the symptom in the first place?” This way, we address the root cause of the symptom, not just the branch that appears to be a problem. Our goal is to restore our clients to pain-free, healthy lives where they aren’t just waking up to mark off the calendar daily, but where they truly feel alive.

In addition, we don’t just follow the traditional holistic approach, but we are the nation’s top Integrative Regenerative Therapy (IRT) provider. IRT means that we combine extensive research on your body with the latest scientific research with a holistic and wellness-focused focus. In simpler words, we learn everything we can about you to make sure you’ll feel better.

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